• Mold Design

• Part Design & component consolidation

• Part fill analysis

Experience in part design, mold design, mold building,
tool engineering and mold processing.

Industries served include:
• Consumer products • Electronics • Appliance
• Automotive • Medical • Toy

Types of plastic injection molds:
• Standard • Family
• Stripper • 3 plate
• Unscrewing • Shuttle
• Hot runner • Two shot
• Co-Injection • Prototype
• Prototype (production capable)

Timing, cost and quality are important for all molding projects.

We know what it’s like to bring a new program on board.

We offer to have a preliminary design for mold parting lines in less than 48 hrs. After approval, the main components will follow shortly. This allows time for CNC programming to run consecutively while the formal mold design is completed. We design for your tooling and machine strengths.

• Parts designed to your specification
• Parts designed for manufacturing feasibility
• Quick part development turnaround
• Can work from your drawings or just from
a napkin sketch